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Suit Up

Email on your Business domain feels just like wearing a tie. It's Professional.

We register a domain for your business, setup up to 50 mailboxes of your chosen with 10 GB each, You don't have to configure anything, it just works and you only pay $69 USD/year. (Compare .us vs .com)

Online and Clients

Online Access anywhere or via outlook, smartphone, tablet, apple mail, and more.

We give you Space

We offer 10 GB for each of your .com .org .us .me .net emails and up to 50 email adresses with no additional cost.

What's the Catch?

No catch. We will repeat: you get the domain, up to 50 emails, you pay once a year. Greatest email solution.

With your Purchase

You get with every email you create, Agenda Mahala where you can send emails with huge attachments (8 GB) and schedule meetings with your co-workers.

The Best Control Panel Ever

You can access all emails on your company, without having to know the password or username for each. You can have as many administrators you like, you have total control.

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Did you say @gmail?

Business Email is highly professional

With custom email addresses you stay in character as a professional business owner whenever you communicate with your customers. Because they can see your business name on the email address they are typing to request a quotation, information or invoice, they will always be thinking about your business name. Now, when you give a Hotmail or gmail, they will be thinking about you as an individual. Your business image is important, the same way you clean your store/office before opening it, you should take care of all aspects of your image. A professional email is clean and highly professional.

We so strongly believe in this that we don't charge for each email but we give you up to 50 emails with 10 GB each for just $ 69 USD/ year so everybody in your company gets the company email. If you just need 5 right now, no problem, you can add more later (with our amazing control panel) without any additional cost.

FILL IN AND GET QUOTATION WITHIN 5 HOURS: Please fill in below and tell us wich emails you would like to have. Then wait for our approval.


After you click submit you will be taking to a page where you can tell us which emails you would like to use. Don't forget to choose the right domain where it says The domain you want to use (without www)

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